Have a mobile app strategy for 2012?

Then you’d better be ready to answer key questions on data privacy, no matter who’s asking!

Webinar: Wednesday April 18, 2012 @ 1:00PM EST

Join App47 as we host a timely mobile app privacy policy conversation with Morgan Reed, Executive Director for ACT, an international grassroots advocacy and education organization representing more than 3000 small and mid-size app developers and information technology firms. Morgan has helped mobile business owners develop privacy strategies, and he's been in the trenches, helping quell the push of Congress to slow mobile innovation and restrict access.

In this 1-hour webinar on April 18th App47 CEO/Co-founder Chris Schroeder will cover questions such as:

• What’s the current state of mobile privacy?

• Why all the attention from Congress on mobility?

• What implication does data privacy have on a businesses mobile strategy?

For app dev pros, this conversation is critical. 

Any business with a mobile strategy needs a privacy statement, but they must follow it to the letter! They can even use it to differentiate themselves from the competition, which can help avert negative attention; see Path’s recent issues!

Get answers anyone in app dev is going to need.

Whether you're an app dev firm responding to customers inquiry or you’ve rolled out a mobile app and are being grilled by a Senate sub-committee trying to determine whether your app is violating consumer privacy rights, you need to be ready with the right response.

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Join us on Wednesday April 18, 2012 @ 1:00PM EST

Meet the Experts

Morgan Reed

Executive Director of ACT

Chris Schroeder

CEO/Co-founder of App47

More About the Speakers

Morgan Reed, Executive Director of ACT, the small business, mobile application trade association. Mr. Reed is a widely known and respected expert on the intersection of government and technology. As ACT’s Executive Director, Morgan specializes in issues involving software development in the digital age as they relate to privacy, intellectual property, competition, and small business innovation.

Chris Schroeder, CEO/Co-founder of App47. Mr. Schroeder is a seasoned entrepreneur who has worked at UUNet providing the systems used in the Network Operations Center. After leaving UUNet, he successfully built and ran several startups with the most recent, RealOps, being sold to BMC Software in 2007. With App47, he is applying over 25 years of product development in Enterprise Management to the fast moving domain of Enterprise Mobile App Management.